Saturday, April 04, 2015

McClelland Sculpture Park

It was beautiful Easter Saturday weather for our stroll around McClelland Sculpture Park.

Shopping trolley sculpture

Joan Sutherland

Alexander beatle


Friday, March 13, 2015

Winter is on the way so Caspie rolls up his sleeves and gets on with oiling his dad's favourite outdoor chair.


A couple of handy hints from Arpa

Romy supervises
It's messy work but fun
Another coat or 20 should do it
Nah! Might as well finish the whole can
Looks great Caspie!
  The chair may take a while to dry. Luckily Daddy doesn't mind standing up.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day

First Christmas at Murrumbeena.  Fabulous to have a roomy house to celebrate in. Thanks Hil and Rob.

Mere prepares the rice paper rolls

Fresh and creamy Tassie oysters

Rice paper rolls


Romy's counting the number of oysters consumed by Arma

Mads jumps for joy

resting after the first course

Romy takes care of the dishes
Pressie time!

Caspie gets his own camera!

Thanks Mads!

Caspie is very pleased

Romy's new horse


Main course salmon - delicious!

Romy enjoys a singalong

Mere, Caspie and the magic sand

Off to the park to try out the camera

Working off lunch #1

Working off lunch #2

Working off lunch #3

Working off lunch #4

Working off lunch #5

Pavlova for dessert

Panaforte and mince pies - homemade

Enough is enough!