Saturday, May 16, 2015

Rock the Caspar

We Rocked the Caspar in celebration of his 5th birthday.

Mummy's magnificent lollypop cake
The band arrived and the music began.
Hit those drums, Caspie!

Romy's first fairy bread - she asked for more

The band works the crowd

Two rock chicks give it their all

Arpa made guitars to stick on the party bags

Guitars in all shapes

Daddy blows up two balloons at once

Rocky roadies

Another present ...

... to add to the pile

Band member


Drummin' and strummin'
Five candles amidst the lollypops

The mosh (sand) pit

Saturday, April 04, 2015

McClelland Sculpture Park

It was beautiful Easter Saturday weather for our stroll around McClelland Sculpture Park.

Shopping trolley sculpture

Joan Sutherland

Alexander beatle


Friday, March 13, 2015

Winter is on the way so Caspie rolls up his sleeves and gets on with oiling his dad's favourite outdoor chair.


A couple of handy hints from Arpa

Romy supervises
It's messy work but fun
Another coat or 20 should do it
Nah! Might as well finish the whole can
Looks great Caspie!
  The chair may take a while to dry. Luckily Daddy doesn't mind standing up.