Sunday, September 28, 2014

Grand Final

The excitement mounted as local shopping centres got into the swing.

Hawk balloons at Coles
Luke Hodge bear celebrates
 The plan was if we won (not expected) we'd go to Glenferrie Oval. If we lost we'd go to the Show. We ended up going to both.
Choosing overpriced souvenirs at Glenferrie Oval

Sporting back to back premiership T

The players are presented. I do not faint

The Show
Arpa surrounded by tack soft toys

We didn't see any real animals at the Show, only pretend ones.
Pretend cow

Another pretend cow

Fabric snake

Lace-clad pigs

A chook that never laid an egg
The Show was the 'same old show' for decades. Not any more.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

State of grace

Last night Hardie Grant Egmont put on a wonderful evening to launch Hil's new book, "State of Grace". It was held at Fall from Grace, the cellar bar at State of Grace restaurant in Collins Street. It was a fabulous night.
Outside the secret door to the cellar bar

Still haven't made it in!

Hil with publisher - 'the other Hilary'

D├ęcor was fantastic

Backdrop will be used in Point of Sale promotions

Hil R made a very complimentary speech about the Badger family

With Lucy

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Brisbane Writers Festival

Hil gave a number of presentations at the Brisbane Writers Festival and Romy and I went along for the ride.
The weather was sunny and warm, our accommodation was good and venue the cultural precinct.

Hil's new book, "State of Grace" was a hot seller

Romy enjoys some sun on her skin

Hil signed many copies of her books

The sign said this was a work of art and I must not climb on it

Shopping and lunching in Fortitude Valley

As usual Romy preferred the packaging to the toy

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Birthday Boy

August 2 is the birthday of the family patriarch. He celebrated with a lovely family dinner at Hils's.
Romy loved it


Happy Birthday Arpa!

We agree!

Another of Hils's wonderful cakes

Delighted birthday boy


Caspie helps with the blowing out -there's a lot of candles

Romy about to try her first taste of cake - her expression changed dramatically

Gift of home-made amoretti


Saturday, July 05, 2014

Camberwell Art Show

We went to the Camby Art Show to see our friend Emma's paintings on display. Two of the three were already sold.

Admiring one of Emma's paintings

Another of Emma's
 There were some very bad paintings in the exhibition. These two reminded me of 1950's swapcards. Keep trading til you get the pair!

Most paintings were very derivative. Early 20th century Paris featured. So did Venice and there were many entrants in the 'gum tree stakes'

We liked this one of Paris but not enough to pay the asking price

We bought this one. Unassuming but well executed.