Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mums, Bubs and Grannies

We started out to go to the Mums and Bubs Cinema but were very late and it wasn't the movie we were expecting so we went to Laurent for coffee and Hot Cross Buns instead. Rose, Lucy and Kay; Romy, Hilary and me.

At the cinema but the movie was a dud

head to Laurent
Romy and Rose are introduced

Shake hands - I like you

Romy meets Rose

The guys turn up to put in a brief cameo appearance and have a coffee


Monday, March 17, 2014

Grand Prix Escape 2014

On Friday we went back to the 'little house' (Caspie's term) where we stayed last year. The weather was not great but we got a couple of hours on the beach that afternoon.

Trying out the new skiffle board

'A Chariots of Fire' run along the beach

A great new set of castle moulds

Time for another run
 Then it was back to the little house to see Romy and Hil and enjoy her delicious cooking, al fresco.

Hil and her Salmon and pilaff
The day starts with coffee at "74 Lane"

Café culture's a bore when you don't drink coffee

Sheltering (from the RAIN) and the GP

Castle building in progress
 By lunch time Rob had arrived.
We went to Lorne for the afternoon but a thunderstorm spoilt the fun. We were forced to take refuge in a café and drink more coffee.

We never made it to the outdoor trampolining but at least we got to see the sculpture exhibition on the foreshore.
It's a tradition of ours to have dinner at the Anglesea pub every Grand Prix. Caspie ate the bottom half of his bruschetta and the rest of us had the top.
Chowing down is serious stuff
The highlight of Sunday was Maureen and Fadge coming from Apollo Bay for a boozy lunch. Hil made a magnificent paella and salad and Maureen produced a spectacular cheesecake and an excellent pinot gris.
Aunt and niece greet

The McFs meet Romy

Hil serves the paella

Caspie looks full but the dessert is still to come

Afterwards all a boy can do is a bit of musical time-out.

Early rise and head for home.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Lovely Lilydale Library Ladies #? in a series

I hope no-one ever tells us it's time to let go. The bittersweet pleasure of catching up with those who share a loss is still worth doing.

Emma and Susan

Rhonda and Colleen

Julie L

Corrie and Geeta

Corrie, Julie B, Susan

Julie L, Emma, Julie B

Colleen and Rhonda

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Staying the course(s)

Maureen and Fadge have just had their 50th wedding anniversary so Jamie, Tricia, Ross and I took them to "Aux Batifolles" to celebrate. Magnificent French food and wine. Bring on the next celebration!

Fadge and Tricia

Ross and Maureen

James and Julie

The Happy Couple

Middle sister, Tricia and Ross

Jim's entrée of figs, goats' cheese and prosciutto

Maureen's coquilles St Jacques

Fadge's moules mariniere

Big sister, Maureen

Six replete people

Happy Anniverary!